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He is still a mentor to fellow veteran Kareem Jackson and surely imparts wisdom on Kevin Johnson and the other members of the cornerback room.Pierre Garcon Jersey. As I mentioned people start switching positions if he was to go out.Calvin Johnson Jersey. Impact,Andrew Luck Jersey, experience,Tom Brady Jersey, and position make Joseph my fourth most important Texans player.Colin Kaepernick Jersey. Completely absent from the list was the highly compensated Kareem Jackson,Kelvin Benjamin Jersey, a corner who recently was given a massive deal by the Texans.Dick Butkus Jersey. The former first-round pick is now 28-years old and Stoots considered him to be one still needing mentoring despite his advanced age and elite corner contract.Matthew Stafford Jersey. Before the deal was given to Jackson the Toro Times ran a piece about the problem with giving a player like him a huge deal,Peyton Manning Jersey, and Stoots only confirmed what a bad idea it was to pay Jackson despite mediocre results.Marcus Mariota Jersey. In six NFL seasons Jackson has 12 interceptions, good for just two per season. For some perspective, A.J. Buoye has the same amount of interceptions over the past two seasons and he was undrafted and is on a minimal deal. Jackson enters the second season of his four-year $34 million deal. It will be interesting to see if he is able to finally silence some of his doubters or if his contract will continue to seem over-inflated